My Exciting Plans for Leap Day 2016!

Leap Year Promo Shot

No, I’m not popping the question today. (Universal Pictures)

Happy February 29th!

Whether you like it or not, we Earthlings are blessed with one extra calendar day every four years thanks to Pope Gregory XIII. Since 2016 is evenly divisible by four, well, you can figure the rest out.

How do I plan on celebrating this bonus day? Oh, brace yourself for some exciting plans:


Recovering from what?

  • Holidays. (They always seem to end too soon.)
  • Getting horribly sick over those holidays. (I swear, if there’s something I can’t seem to do so far this year, it’s stay healthy.)
  • Saying goodbye to my boyfriend as he left for Ireland on Saturday after a wonderful 2-week visit, and not being able to see him off at the airport because I was too ill. (I’m still a little raw over that.)
  • Fuller House. It’s rare that I don’t finish a TV series, and it’s the first Netflix Original I’ve ditched. I’m sorry, I really tried to enjoy it for what it was — a Millennial Nostalgia-gasm — but it just didn’t work for me.
  • LEONARDO DICAPRIO FINALLY WINNING THAT OSCAR…AND THE DEATH OF OSCARLESS LEO MEMES. (I’ll be honest: I loathed him when I was a teenager but came to appreciate him as we both got older. Fine wine, and all that.)
Leonardo Di Caprio Oscars 2016 Finally


Yep. Today is, largely, a recovery day, during which I’ll lay low and either watch reruns of Shark Tank or finish reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. I know I only watched it a month ago, but a repeat viewing of Leap Year may be in order, even if it’s terribly cheesy. However, the Irish backdrop may make me too emotional. It’d be more like Weep Year over here. I’ll stop.

In the evening, I will be accompanying my mom to a Paint & Drink Night, a birthday gift to her, and an apology for getting sick on her actual birthday. (You deserve better than that, mom!) Obviously, I’ll just be focusing on the Paint aspect of the Night. (Unless they’re serving Gatorade, which if so, I like Blue! Gimme those sweet electrolytes.)

Tomorrow is a new day, a new month. I pray that, for one, I won’t get sick at all throughout the course of March. I’m also going to buckle down and get as much training in as possible at the dojangBlack Belt testing is in June! I need to start getting my laps in for the 3-mile Black Belt Run that takes place the week before testing, so there’s almost every Sunday for the next three months sorted.

Despite the extra day, 2016 has been a rather rapid year so far. I’d like for it to slow down yet keep hurrying along at the same time. I know that makes a lot of sense.

The Monday Question

How do you plan on celebrating your Leap Day? Do you have anything special planned, or is it just another day on the calendar to you?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy (Bonus) Monday!

One thought on “My Exciting Plans for Leap Day 2016!

  1. I celebrated my mom’s birthday, as she turned 15… er 60. haha. While she has been on the Earth for 60 rotations around the Sun, she has only seen her actual birthday 15 times.

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