Dear Readers: Where Do You Come From?

I want to preface this by saying sorry for not posting last week! In some odd way, I am proud for maintaining the streak for as long as I did. Sometimes, other matters take precedence, but this week I’m back, baby!

flags of the world : Marcel Schauer

(Marcel Schauer)

One simple question: Where are you all coming from?

At least once a week (and as much as 7,000 times a day), I check this blog’s visitor and pageview stats. I’m curious to see if people are visiting my page at all, which posts are attracting attention, and from which countries my blog is being read.

That last point fascinates me most. The world has gotten much smaller thanks to technology. I had pen pals in Japan when I was a teenager, and it’d take weeks to receive their letters in the post. Now I can connect with a global audience through a blog post almost instantly.

So with how much of the world is my humble blog connecting? Here’s what February’s stats looked like (fun fact: February was this blog’s busiest month for pageviews — woo hoo!):

Most views came from the United States

Nic Cage America

AMERICA. (Giphy)

No shock. I reside in the United States. I share this blog with many friends and family who live in the United States. However, I trust (or hope!) that other non-relatives/friends in the US of A are checking out about this blog, too.

The most-represented country after the USA: Germany

german female football fan

She’s obviously shocked by this. (Giphy)

One day in early February, I noticed that I was receiving a load of views from Germany. Either I hit a glitch in the Matrix, or I enjoyed a very brief taste of Hasselhoff-like popularity.

Rounding out the top 5: Japan, United Kingdom, and Ireland

Kumamon Mascot Party

Kumamon makes up most of my Japanese readership. (Giphy)

I may have an inkling as to why I’ve seen a significant amount of hits from Japan, despite this being an English-language blog with virtually no content about Japanese culture. (But in case it matters: 私は日本語が出来る人です。Sort of. It’s been a while since I’ve actually used the language.) As for the UK and Ireland, aside from sharing a common tongue, I do have personal ties to each of those areas. My biggest fan (after my mom) resides in Ireland.

Other countries represented in February:

France. Brazil. Sweden. Spain. Mexico. Canada. The Philippines. India. Singapore. Latvia. Belgium. Ukraine. Poland. Australia. Czech Republic. Kuwait. New Zealand. Israel. Austria. Costa Rica. Macau. Switzerland.


In the month of February, I had visitors from 27 countries! It’s also worth noting that I had three views under “European Union.” For one reason or another, the exact country (or countries) wasn’t recorded.

Wherever you’re coming from, I want to say thank you for checking out this ol’ blog! I hope you continue to visit and share your favorite posts on your social media platform of choice. If there’s anything you’d like to see covered, by all means, request it. This blog is not only for myself, but also for those who read it.


The Monday Questions:

Again, where are you all coming from? And how did you find out about The Monday Diaries? Share your stories in the comments.

Til next Monday!

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