Table for One: 5 Perks of Dining Solo

Photo credit: : Katarzyna Białasiewicz

Photo credit: Katarzyna Białasiewicz

Confession: I eat out alone. Often.

Yes, I have friends, and I like (most) human beings. However, I also travel by myself a lot and run plenty of errands on my own. If I’m hungry, I’ll want to take myself to an eatery as soon as possible.

Whether at a food court or in a “fast casual” restaurant, dining solo has never bothered me. It’s a way for me to escape life’s trivialities and enjoy the food that I want at my own leisure.

I know several individuals who have curled their faces in disgust when I suggested the idea of eating alone in public. “Nope, I could never do that, I’d feel like a freak,” they’d proclaim. For them, eating out is strictly a social event, be it a catch-up brunch with girlfriends or a business dinner with stakeholders. (Mmmm, steak.)

What the detractors may not know, however, is that dining solo is a very common activity these days. Per data from online reservation service OpenTable, there has been a 62 percent rise in “party of one” bookings nationwide, with most growth occurring in major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

The next time hunger calls whilst you’re out-and-about on your own, consider these five perks of dining solo:

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