Why I “Flaked” Out on Watching Will Arnett’s New Netflix Show

Flaked Will Arnett Netflix


It’s quite rare that I leave a Netflix series unfinished. Fuller House has the dis-honor of being the first Netflix Original Series I’ve ever ditched.

Now I’m sad to announce that I’ve added another series to that Ditch List: Flaked. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

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My Exciting Plans for Leap Day 2016!

Leap Year Promo Shot

No, I’m not popping the question today. (Universal Pictures)

Happy February 29th!

Whether you like it or not, we Earthlings are blessed with one extra calendar day every four years thanks to Pope Gregory XIII. Since 2016 is evenly divisible by four, well, you can figure the rest out.

How do I plan on celebrating this bonus day? Oh, brace yourself for some exciting plans:


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My Weekend of Netflix & Ill

netflix and ill

Apologies for such a late post this Monday. 

Since last Wednesday evening, I have been battling The Cold from Hell. Over the weekend, I haven’t had the ability do much of anything, not even sleep. (Hard to do that sufficiently when you can’t breathe.)

I certainly couldn’t enjoy being snowed in, either. Sure, I had plans to hunker down and do next-to-nothing because of this East Coast Snowblizzardzillagasmthing, but doing next-to-nothing because you’re crippled by illness isn’t quite as fun as indulging in voluntarily laziness.

The good news? Today is the best I’ve felt in days. I can sleep — and breathe — again, and do more than watch Netflix, pop cold meds, and burn through boxes of Kleenex…figuratively speaking, of course.

Ah, Netflix, my trusty companion during this lost weekend.

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The Tipping Point: When I Became Hooked on 5 Favorite Shows

Do you know when you were hooked? Netflix does.

Source: Netflix

I am a huge proponent of television on the Internet. I live on the Internet. I seldom turn on my TV.

Sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have satiated my appetite for serial entertainment. Having easy access to entire libraries of shows has resulted in too many weekends spent in front of the laptop, hazily clicking “play next” without giving much thought to other minor things I could be tending to, like making dinner or showering.

Recently, Netflix analyzed over 20 popular television series to determine when viewers established their fandom, or the “point of no return” during their binges. An impressive 70% of audiences would complete a show’s first season upon hitting that sweet spot.

For most shows, pilots aren’t indicative of its eventual success or failure. They sure as hell don’t get people hooked on a show, according to the Netflix data. Keeping that in mind, I do my best to give series at least three episodes before I decide to walk away.

Whether that’s too wide or narrow of a window, that’s relative. I know someone who gives an episode one chance to make a good impression — his time is precious! Meanwhile, I like to give shows a chance to feel themselves out before I decide whether or not it’s worth the bandwidth.

These findings from Netflix have inspired me to think about when I officially established my fandom for five of my favorite bingeworthy shows (spoilers ahead, obvs):

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