Motivation Monday: The Proper Response is to Keep Going

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Just keep going, just keep going…

I’ve already lamented over the fact that not all blog posts can be winners.

The sad truth is that it’s not limited to blog posts. Not all classes can be winners. Not all meetings can be winners. Not all meals can be winners. Not all days can be winners.

No matter how good we are at what we do, how confident we act, that “clunker” is inevitable. We’re bound to stumble at some point. It’s one of those things that comes with being human.

Yes, I experienced a moment like that today.

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It’s Okay to be Mean (in the Dojang)

Cobra Kai Karate Kid

But don’t sweep the leg. (Columbia Pictures)

Preface: Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. No, I don’t care. This weekend has largely been devoted to training for my black belt in tang soo do (and recovering from said training). I should also let you know that in the coming weeks, there may be an uptick in martial arts-related posts as I approach testing day in June.

Oh, and this post is one such example.

Generally speaking, I’m a nice, polite person. At least, I try to be. 

“Please” and “thank you” are words I say often, along with “sorry,” which I know I should curb big time. I habitually say “bless you” when someone sneezes. I’ll hold doors open for people and wait patiently in queues (most of the time).

But when I train? I can get mean.

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5 Things Tang Soo Do Has Given Me

RWMAF Martial Arts Great Things Happen Here

Sign in front of my school. When I first saw it, I asked what that even meant. Now? I GET IT.

In the three years I’ve been doing tang soo do, I’ve learned many forms, strikes, blocks, self-defense techniques, and sparring principles. (Oh, and I’ve become a little more fit.)

To say that I’ve mastered everything I’ve been taught up to this point would be a big fat lie. I learn something new each time I train, and I always find ways in which I can improve.

But what else has tang soo do given me, aside from the aforementioned (and rather obvious) points above:

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Retrospecticus: A Look Back at 2015


monday diaries retrospecticus

Apologies to The Simpsons.

I’m ready to push 2015 right out the damn door!

I repeated the above mantra to myself for most of December.

The last several weeks haven’t been kind to me, and I haven’t shown my best self throughout most of them, either. Based on those events, I had convinced myself that 2015 was a dud.

Except…it wasn’t.

After I took the time to reflect on the year that was, I realized that I was being, for lack of a better term, idiotic. Sure, I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch, but overall? This has been a year that was all too kind to me.

So what positive things happened for me in 2015? Let’s take it from the top:

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From a Recovering Perfectionist: 5 Ways to Bounce Back from a Bad Day

Beating Yourself Up

Photo Credit: Shao-Chun Wang

Last week, I had a tang soo do class that, let’s just say, wasn’t my best. Far from it. I stunk up the dojang, and it wasn’t only because of my body odor.

We were doing kicking drills — great, I love kicking! Love wasn’t enough to get me by, however. My techniques were poor, my executions were off, and I was overthinking simple concepts. My lack of togetherness ultimately affected my training partner’s experience, too, which made me feel bad.

When I left the school for the night, I felt embarrassed. As I sat in the car, my mind immediately flooded with a myriad of negative thoughts: What the hell was I doing tonight? Do I even deserve to wear such a high-level belt after this horrible display? I’m letting my classmates, my instructor, and myself down!

Fortunately, those feelings were fleeting, and I allowed myself to get back to center. Sure, I felt embarrassed for putting on such a sloppy show in front of people I respect, but I wasn’t going to allow myself to be defeated.

Now, here’s the thing: I am a recovering perfectionist with occasional lapses, so the very fact that I am offering advice on overcoming a bad day/shift/class/what-have-you may be considered borderline hypocritical to those who know me best.

However, in my ongoing quest to give myself a break I have learned a thing or two about bouncing back from less-than-ideal situations. Okay, to be more specific, it’s actually five things:

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