About The Monday Diaries

Welcome to The Monday Diaries.

No one likes Mondays. That’s understandable. Who really enjoys slogging back to the office following those carefree 55 hours known as The Weekend? (Oh, you do? More power to you, then.)

In addition to whatever caffeinated beverage you consume to help get you going, allow The Monday Diaries to provide an extra kick in the pants.

Every Monday morning will feature a new post, which means you can read The Monday Diaries whilst on the train to work or holed up in your cubicle until you’re ready to deal with other people. Whenever you feel like it, really, I’m not here to tell you how to run your life.

What I am here to tell you is whatever happens to be on my mind: television shows, snack foods, games, martial arts, if cats were people and did people things (that’s actually an idea in progress).

My hope with this blog is to make Monday not suck. Or suck less. Just as long as I don’t make your Monday worse and provide you with even a modicum of joy, then I’m happy.

Want to drop me a line? Shoot an email over to mondaydiaries[at]gmail[dot]com. Share with me your feedback, story ideas, thoughts, dreams, sandwiches.

Happy Monday!

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